Simple, compliant and mobile

Discover Kronos FNA, your complete financial and insurance needs analysis tool!

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Reserved for representatives registered with the AMF or CSA.

Over 6 000 satisfied users across Canada!

Save time by avoiding double data entry

No need to enter all of the information twice. Your data is integrated directly in Kronos FNA, via your Back Office or Kronos Finance.

Your GA/MGA’s Back Office Kronos Finance Kronos FNA

Purchase a corporate license and integrate the application in your firm’s toolbox.

Client Access

Give your clients access so that they can update their profile and save you time.

Quickly pinpoint sales opportunities

Conduct analyses to determine your clients’ needs and quickly spot insurance and investment sales opportunities.

Fully mobile

Conduct analyses with your client directly on your tablet.

Be compliant!

Kronos FNA meets compliance requirements.

Save a log of the changes made in your client’s FNA.

Keep complete and up-to-date files, linked to your FNA, in Kronos Finance.

Produce professional reports

Produce professional-looking reports, with tables and graphs, simply by selecting which analyses you would like to include.

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